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The throne theme is significant since it had been foreshadowed in After Earth from the soldier at the wheelchair, that approached the General and his Film Action Terbaik dan Terbaru. This theme would play itself out again as the General could make the petition”stand up me”, so he could salute his child this specific movie series signifies that the boy”redeeming” or even”rescue” his Father.

Getting back into the mythos of Heru… following his dad Ausar (Osiris) is murdered along with his brother takes on the realm of Kemet, it turns into the assignment of Heru and can be Mother Auset (Isis) for Heru about the throne because the rightful ruler of this property. Heru must undergo years of training under the auspices of his Mom Auset, His Aunt Nebhet (Nephtys) along with the diminutive Bes who’s the Neter of child birth, joy and warfare.

The emblem of Heru was that the Hawk. From the film After Earth we see the connection of the Hero into the Hawk at the”Leap of Faith” chain where the hawk chases Kitai down then takes him off to her nest to be food to her baby girls. Kitai awakes while being nibbled by the toddlers girls, but discovers that the hawk nest is under assault by feline predators intent on eating the girls.

Kitai assists the hawk to shield the nest but neglects to prevent the predators out of killing each the baby birds.

The hawk mourns the loss of her infant chicks using a screech of rage and starts to follow Kitai from the atmosphere, which appears menacing at first, but we find out later the Hawk has secured with Kitai and she afterwards drags him to security and shields him against the cold with her own body heat to prevent him from freezing. This is a clear sign of Kitai’s mythic connection to Heru that the Neter*** of the Sun and the Sky… the first sky – walker.

After many controversial battles and experiences, Heru, with the assistance of his Mother goes to acquire rulership of this land of Kemet (Egypt) and thus redeem his Father Ausar (Osirus).

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