Interview with Roland Hughes, Author of “The Minimum You Need to Know” Series

Understand though that this isn’t all fun and games – even though the episodes should just be 2-10 minutes Boruto Filler List. You have to have the ability to release content every week for several weeks at a time – otherwise, you risk losing your audience if they must wait too long in between episodes. Maybe you have gotten really annoyed when your favourite series goes onto a mid-season break and then fought to remember what happened a couple of months ago as it comes back? The same principles apply for web series – recall that the entire model for this is based on tv, so bear that in mind while you proceed along and find out more about how to sell a screenplay to a studio.

Does each episode have to have a start, middle, and end, but you need to also own, if possible, a continuous through arc that runs during the season – that way, those who have watched the whole thing from start to end are rewarded for their devotion, while individuals who have never noticed it before will not have difficulty joining the string in the future in the game.

Also, don’t forget the social media aspect of this – after it’s done and published on YouTube or Vimeo, post it on your Facebook and have all of your cast and crew do exactly the same – the entire point of this would be to gain the interest of producers, so let them know that you are out there! Keep in mind, the whole purpose of this thing is that you are learning how to market a screenplay to a studio, and in order to do that, you’ve got to get the attention of Hollywood!

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